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Le Parfumeur Francais is at your disposal to create exclusive, tailor-made fragrances for companies or individuals.

At the heart of this creative process is a direct and authentic relationship between client and perfumer. In engaging with Le Parfumeur Francais, you will be brought into the process - the final product won’t be created for you, it will be created with you. The whole range of Joelle’s technical expertise and creative flair will be available to ensure the resulting fragrance delivers the utmost satisfaction. Being such an intrinsic part of the process will ensure that you feel the scent come to life, and watch its evolution as it grows through the various creative stages. Until the scent achieves that moment of poise and clarity where both you, and Le Parfumeur Francais, will understand that together you have produced something of beauty, balance and harmony.


The range of products Le Parfumeur Francais produces includes eau de toilette, eau de parfum, extrait, and both room and cosmetic fragrances.


Come and immerse yourself in the olfactory pleasures of the world of Le Parfumeur Francais. Visit the garden, stay in the studio, smell materials and, together with Joelle, create something bespoke and remarkable.

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La bastide des citronniers
27 chemin des saouves
06530 Peymeinade

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