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Joëlle Lerioux Patris is the creative force behind Le Parfumeur Francais. She describes herself as a citizen of the world and has a deep-rooted fondness for her native Pyrenees. Joelle’s infectious love of life and her fascination with the realm of scent allow her to bring a vibrant perspective to the process of fragrance formulation, melding her technical knowledge with unique creative vision and flare.


Believing that perfumers need to understand the rules before they can break them, Joelle spent a number of years studying at the ISIPCA in Versailles before working within the fragrance industry on a variety of different projects. This thorough grounding means she has a meticulous understanding of scent creation from technical and theoretical perspectives. Her passionate and curious nature and her love of travel and culture have formed an olfactive signature which is expressive, emotive and technically grounded. The compositions resulting from Joelle’s unique experiences are a generous blend of expertise and exploration. Whilst she understands the rules, she is bold enough to break them, seeking creative freedom and joyful expression in her work.


Joelle’s expressive creations are declarations of love to the world around her. They are the result of her passionate and determined nature. Generous, audacious, and emotionally provoking, her fragrances have the capability to move even the stoniest of hearts.

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1998: Graduate of ISIPCA and UVSQ

2001: Left France to embark on a period of exploration of Asia, including seven years in China and four in Indonesia, working as a perfumer and composing many fragrances influenced by different landscapes and culture.

2012: Returned to France to rekindle her love and interest in the subtleties of fine perfumery in Grasse and Paris.

2019: Created Le Parfumeur Français to tailor-make fragrances for those interested in discovering a rare form of bespoke fragrance creation.

Son Parcours
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Ses principales créations
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Colonia Mirra by Acqua Di Parma


Oud & Bergamot Rich Extract by Jo Malone


Rose Ardente by L'Atelier de Givenchy


Encens Divin by L'Atelier de Givenchy


La Rose Gothique LeSnob by Les Parfums de Rosine


Eau Demoiselle Rose à la folie by Givenchy


De Guerre Lasse by The Soft Perfume Sabé Masson

Camelia by Acqua Di Parma


Dépassement de soi
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To simply exist is not enough for this vivacious and generous perfumer. Joelle is constantly pushing herself to squeeze every last drop out of every day. She is on a quest to change and evolve through living as fully and as passionately as she can and it is this immense drive and positive energy which she channels into her compositions.


Joelle considers every second a challenge, but it is a challenge that she is determined to meet. Her desire to overcome barriers is a catalyst for feeling alive. She is immensely grateful for the opportunity to give back, through her art, and strives to help those who are less fortunate than herself. Charity and sport are two ways in which Joelle seeks to both improve herself and the world around her.


In 2019 she took part in the Finland Trophy by Women’s Raid ( and she looks forward to completing the Iceland 2020 by Défi d’Elles ( in support of Keep a Breast (http: / / for the prevention of breast cancer.


Joelle has also supported Girl's Day Boy's Day by the association Alter ego ( to help overcome stereotypes related to professions, expand the career prospects of young people and help them gain hands on experience of careers such as her own. The ultimate aim being to free people to pursue careers without prejudice.


Joelle undertook a parachute jump in support of Gap Tallard, and regularly combat sports and exercises in order to clear her mind, and focus herself ahead of the day.

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