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“To compose a perfume is to write using heartbeats of scent.”

Note from Joelle’s diary, January 2017


Joelle’s life as a creator of fragrances is driven by an incessant curiosity. It is her life’s work to seek out new experiences, new modes of expression, new ideas and connections with the world around her, transforming these into perfectly balanced fragrances which spread a sense of peace, happiness and satisfaction to the wearer.

The process of composition is time consuming and meticulous. It begins with the thrill and excitement of experimentation. In this period, Joelle attacks the project with all her passion, allowing herself to let go of the rules, express her ideas freely and transcribe emotions in the language of scent.

Once a shape for the final fragrance has been reached, then begins the rigorous and disciplined process of honing the composition. Joelle will test, reformulate and test again until she is happy that the fragrance is accomplished, balanced, and both satisfies and delights the client.

This process of creation cannot be rushed, being sacred to the fulfilment of the final scent. The creative method requires extreme levels of concentration, determination and exacting standards to ensure that the resulting fragrance is a true expression of Joelle’s creative ideals.



The ingredients used by Le Parfumeur Francais are subject to Joelle's rigorous standards to ensure that they are not only of the highest quality, but that they are also sustainable, ethical in origin, safe, and from traceable suppliers.


As new ingredients are sourced and developed, Joelle constantly reviews the perfumer’s organ to ensure her work retains these high standards.



Set in the rolling hills near Grasse, the Le Parfumeur Francais workshop is where the inspiration and materials are melded together under Joelle’s expert hands. The workshop is a refuge, a safe place where ideas can be given flight and creations are sculpted. Situated next door to the workshop is a studio apartment where clients can come and immerse themselves in the world of fragrance creation, getting to know both Joelle and the materials she will work with. At the end of 2020, the workshop and studio will be complimented by the Perfumer’s Garden which is currently under construction.

La composition


Perfume sampling and production is undertaken by trustful partners on behalf of Le Parfumeur Francais.

This method ensures that the formulation developed in the studio can be replicated precisely. It also enables all the relevant technical and regulatory documentation to be obtained efficiently, and allows deadlines to be met.

Finally, this method ensures the fragrance can be accurately replicated regardless of the production site.

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